Mobility access

Many of us do, and most of us will, find it difficult to get in and out of a bath. This shouldn’t mean that bathing becomes a chore and cause of stress. A mobility shower enables you to enjoy bathing again.

What is a mobility shower?

Access is easy and safe with an ultra-low tray threshold and secure hand bars. You can then stand or sit comfortably under a thermostatically controlled, safe and refreshing shower. We spend over one and a half years bathing over our lifetime, so why not make it pleasurable?

Don't settle for substandard work at inflated prices

Don’t get ripped off by unscrupulous companies who place misleading, uninformative ads on TV and the local/national press. Many of these companies sell and install plastic bodied, flimsy, unsafe shower pods at incredibly inflated prices. They often arrange for a sales person to call round and then use high pressure sales patter to fleece the vulnerable members of our society. I should know, I have taken these sub-standard units out after complaints to the original supplier have been ignored.

We are a SANIFLO preferred installer for the East Midlands.


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Mobility access 

Low overheads means more savings for you

With our trading links we are able to make huge savings against normal retail prices. We are then able to pass on these savings to our clients. In general we can usually save you between 20% and 40% on components. As our overheads are very low it means that our labour costs are also extremely competitive when compared with the retail park companies who provide expensive fitting services.


Further savings for our valued senior clients

As well as benefitting from our everyday low pricing structures, our valued senior clients can also take advantage of further savings including VAT discounts where applicable.